Who is CAM Atlantic

You probably know us better than you realize. We’ve been providing exemplary service to Raleigh and much of the east coast for over five decades. So next time you’re out in the Triangle, take a look around you. It could be the lighting at your favorite store in the mall. Maybe it’s the pipes of the water fountains at the park in your neighborhood. Perhaps it’s your neighbor’s kitchen. Wherever you might be, CAM Atlantic’s outstanding work isn’t far away.

What makes us unique

We do it all. Seriously, we can do anything your project requires. Plumping issues in your multi-family property? Polybutylene pipes need to be replaced? Older pipes not aging very gracefully and causing problems? We can fix it. CAM Atlantic plumbers are re-piping, underground pipe replacement, and utility service experts. But our team consists of more than just professional plumbers.

We are licensed general contractors

With all CAM Atlantic general contractors licensed, we can ensure all wall structures are safe, to code and sturdy. Our general contractors are an essential part of the CAM Atlantic team. The CAM Atlantic general contractors repair and replace all drywall and/or other wall structures. But wait, now that those frustratingly old pipes in the bathroom have been replaced…why not replace the whole bathroom…or at least that dated faucet? Great idea (we never liked that faucet either). Since our team consists of licensed general contractors, we can handle any renovations you throw at us. Our team of experts won’t stop there though.

We are professional painters

The CAM Atlantic painters have decades of experience in painting interior/exterior residential and commercial properties. Our professional painters are confident that they can match any existing wall color you may have. Maybe upon seeing the fresh drywall, covering your polybutylene re-piping, you decide you’d like to repaint the entire kitchen. Excellent, because CAM Atlantic’s professional painters can do that too!

Expert Plumbing Services

Our expert plumbers have fixed the pipes. Our licensed general contractors have safely repaired any holes to walls or structures due to retrofitting/re-piping. Our professional painters have matched the wall color perfectly. You can barely tell CAM Atlantic was there…except for the mess left by all the experts and professionals! Don’t worry, the CAM Atlantic team also consists of professional residential and commercial cleaners. Our cleaners remove all tarps and plastic used to protect floors and furnishings. They vacuum, dust, do anything necessary to guarantee that your home or office space is better than when you left it.

When you need retrofitting, re-piping, a bathroom remodel, or simply general contracting, call the experts.

Call the people who have been taking care of Raleigh for years.

Call CAM Atlantic.