How long does the re-piping process take for an average unit?

The average time for units is 4 days. We can average working in 4 to 6 seperate units per day.

Is it necessary for someone to be present?

No, the maintence supervisor of each property will open the units in the mornings and lock up at the end of the day. Our experts will work in each unit doing the highest quality work you can trust.

Will we be living in a mess while your experts work?

Our experts will make sure all units have running water and are cleaned up so the residents can resume normal activity in the evenings. We cover all floors with clean tarps and cover all furniture with plastic.

Is it necessary to turn off the water?

The water is turned off on the first day of work. We will have plumbing completed by the end of the first working day of each unit.

Will residents be notified?

Yes, residents will receive a 7 day and a 48 hour notice prior to work starting.

Can you give us a start and completion date?

Yes, we will give you a start and completion date. Management will be notified on a daily basis as work progresses.

What if we experience any leaks while you are on site?

We will preform all emergency leaks once we are on site and work has began, at no cost to the owners. Someone will be available 24 hours a day.

What type of pipe should we use to replace polybutylene?

We can replace pipes with copper, cpvc, and wursbo. Our first recommendation is wursbo. This is the most advanced plumbing system to date.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty for work performed.