Drain Replacement & Underground

What causes you to need a Drain Replacement?

In your home you have interior and exterior underground drains which release into the sewer. That’s all dirty water flowing into your drains. Apartment buildings built pre 1970 have either cast iron or clay terracotta pipes. Over a period of time, materials such as these break down underground. The sewer acts as a vitamin source for the tree causing the growth of roots within the cracks of the drain. Leaks attract roots and allow them to feed off the flow of waste causing blockages, cracks, and broken pipes. When the roots spread through the pipes, the sewer then becomes backed up. CAM Atlantic will come in and rip out all underground degraded pipes and replace them with quality PVC.

CAM Atlantic Drain Replacement Process

Having to replace a drainage system is something to be expected with materials constantly breaking down. CAM Atlantic takes multiple precautions to make sure you are completely satisfied with the outcome. Replacing a drain is a very invasive process. CAM Atlantic experts are sure to make it as easy as possible for you. We are known for our customer service and attention to detail. Drainage and sewer problems are simply ones that can’t be put to the side.

  • We will prepare all residents with a 7 day notice as well as a 48 hour notice
  • A project manager is provided on-site for the duration of the drain replacement and underground construction
  • Residents will be aware of construction times
  • All CAM Atlantic employees will be easily identified
  • All debris and degraded pipes will be removed from site

CAM Atlantic’s licensed general contractors and plumbers are just a call away. Leave it to the experts.