Retrofit and Re-pipe for Commercial and Residential

Both inconvenient and expensive, a major retro-fit can be overwhelming. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a water leak or discovering water damaged pipes. CAM Atlantic experts deal with issues such as these on a daily basis. After completing thousands of fixes, we take pride in every detail of our work. Whether it’s a multi-family property or residential home, CAM Atlantic treats your home or office with delicate measures respecting the concerns of each resident. It is all about the preparation for us.

CAM Atlantic is very precise when it comes to your property. Knowing the environment and site location are just the beginning steps. We believe it is key for all office personnel to be prepared for what they can expect during a retro-fit project as well. During a site visit we will focus on informing management and office personnel on all steps of the project. CAM Atlantic experts will then answer any and all questions.

Prior to a Retrofit or Re-pipe

CAM Atlantic provides residents every opportunity to call or e-mail one of our experts and directly have any questions or concerns answered. Prior to start up, we ask that management send out notices to all residents explaining what will transpire during the process. We understand how difficult it can be for each resident with their personal belongings and disruptions. CAM Atlantic takes every one of the residents involved into consideration. Whether they are elderly, have pets, or work a third shift job, CAM Atlantic wants to provide as much comfort and ease.

How does CAM Atlantic take care of residents?

  • We visit each home personally and identify where cuts will be made
  • Each home will be tarped with plastic to cover exposed furnishings
  • If you have a special paint color on walls, our professionals can match majority of existing colors
  • Any fixtures that need to be replaced can be decided on a home-to-home basis
  • Each unit is dusted and vacuumed
  • Your doors will be locked after project completion
  • CAM Atlantic also provides notices allowing residents the time to move any furniture or items that may be located within the areas of construction

7 Day Notice:

  • A reminder that work will start on their unit within 7 days
  • Highlighted floor plan
  • Identified areas where sheetrock will be cut

48 Hour Notice:

  • A reminder that work will start on their unit within 2 days
  • Highlighted floor plan
  • Identified areas where sheet rock will be cut

CAM Atlantic will enter units at 8:00 am and start with a walk- through. During this time contractors will note any damages that each unit may already have incurred before anything is started. All CAM Atlantic employees will be easily identified and have exited units by 5:00pm. All work is completed within a 2 to 3 day turn around. Once all work is completed within the unit water will be restored and any holes will be covered.

CAM Atlantic promises:

  • All units will be inspected by a city or county inspector
  • Sheetrock will be repaired
  • Ceilings matching cover to corner (There is no ceiling finish too complicated for our professionals to match)
  • A CAM Atlantic employee on call 24 hours during the re-plumbing process
  • A project manager on-site at all times with any residential retrofit
  • Lastly, a successful re-pipe using CPVC, PEX, or Copper Piping